WinBroadcaster  now supports the powerful function “Invite Guest”, which lets you add remote guests to your stream.

You can add 3 guests at same time and the guest doesn’t need a special app – only a browser or a smartphone.

Use-case 1: One expert

Simple example: you and one guest can discuss slides.  Both you and the guest can see the same slide.

Your guest can also see your video stream

Use-case 2: Many experts

You can invite three guests at the same time and have a live discussion.

Guests can also see the video stream


Use-case 3: Remote reporter

We use technology called “WebRTC”. It’s adapted for mobile internet so it allows the use of an Android or iPhone as a remote camera.

It’s ideal and cheap solution to bring a reporter into your live-stream from anywhere in the world.

Also, you can disable the video transmission from the studio to the reporter, so they will be heard you but not be able to see you. This is useful if the mobile internet signal is unstable.


Live from remote reporter

How to

It’s easy.

Step 1: Press the “Invite Guest” icon.


Step 2: Copy the link and send it to your guest


Press the “Arrow” icon.   Then press “Ctrl + V” (“paste”) and send this link to your guest by email, messenger or SMS. Guest can open this link in a browser (supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari), Android (ver 6+) or iOS (ver 11+). Guest does not need a special app – only a modern browser or smartphone.