In this days Facebook did breaking changes and temporary disabled streaming to Timeline. This is the continuation of clearing after Cambridge Analytica data scandal,

I hope it will solved in few days.

Anyway if you need streaming to Timeline exists two ways:

  1. streaming to your page  and share in timeline (for public stream)
  2. or use RTMP-Mode. Below I show how to.

How to use RTMP-Mode for streaming to Facebook

Step 1: click Live and select RTMP-Mode


it opens this form and you need fill out fields marked A and B. see next step.

Step 2: in other browser tab open, select your profile (or group) and press “Live Video”


Step 3:  Facebook shows special dialog. Please select Connect and copy/paste strings to field A and B  as shows on this picture




so you got something this:

NOTES: you can press “save” for use this params in next time. For example you can save params for Timeline and for Groups


Step 4: press Start and switch to Facebook tab again.  Wait few seconds. When you will see your stream press “Go Live” button.





You can save RTMP-params (see notes for Step 3) and use this in next time.  Be aware: in RTMP-Mode  WinBroadcaster can’t read and shows comments and reactions.

Anyway I hope Facebook returns access in few days and we be happy again.