Scenes allow quickly setup pro-look stream. You can use 1, 2 … etc scenes and easy switch between them.


One scene


Two scenes


Many scenes. Press “Ctrl + G” for turn on Grid-Style mode.


Add Scene

click for add scene


scene templates

We analyzed some TV-channels (news & business shows) and prepared set of scenes for you.

But you can create your scene also: go to top menu–>Tools–>Scene Customizer.


Every scene has few slots. What is slot? It’s just place where you can insert video source – cams, video, images, screen capture.


Scene with 3 slots

So just move cursor over slot and select camera or videos etc.

This scene with inserted sources

Configure scene in separated window

Sometimes you need configure scene in separated window (hidden from viewers of live stream). It’s easy:

Configure scene in separated window


You can setup transition  between scenes. So open scene in separated window and select Transition. Also you can select it when add  scene.